Gallery gypsy

The Maruti Gypsy is one vehicle that catches the fancy of many enthusiasts, as it lends itself to modification quite well. The Gypsy King is available in stock condition in both hard top and soft-top format, but is devoid of features.

The Gypsy is a competent offroader, powered by a 1.3 litre petrol engine that puts out 80 bhp of power and 103 Nm of torque. It doesn’t seem like much, but when coupled with the Gypsy’s fantastic part-time 4×4 system with low-ratio gearbox and huge 210 mm of ground clearance on a light-weight 985 Kg body, the entire package is almost unbeatable off-road. The Gypsy is one of the most award-winning rally vehicles in India.

Buying a Gypsy and running it in stock format makes little sense, as it’s not really a practical vehicle for everyday use as it has no features. No power steering, no air-conditioning, nothing. That’s where modifications come in. One can fit canopies, half bodies or just go all out and make it a monster truck. And better still if it’s on a used Gypsy, as good deals are available for as little as in the market.

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