Thar Hardtop RA Safari

Our hardtop has two layers with centralized packed by PU foam ( sponge) . luggage carrier can be fixed directly on this hard top and can avoid Roller Gage cost , it is a leakage resistance , this three stage hardtop gives faster A/C & efficient, temperature is maintained inside the cabin therefore is saves fuel and gives increased mileage . It give a sporty looks with the matt finish

  1. Its 3 piece mahindra thar modified frp hardtop in matt finish
  2. Hardtop designed to ensure that is water resistance leakage prof & no rattling
  3. Rear door is with two way operational system.
  4. Fixed Glass  for the side windows..
  5. Requires no alteration on body for fixing hardtop
  6. Can be fixed on the OE holes.
  7. Designed for comfortable seating for rear passenger


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